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Information about National Table of Frequency Allocations

The National Table consists of following parts:

  1. Specific Terms Related to the Frequency Management
  2. Categories of Services
  3. Frequency Sharing (Categories of interference)
  4. Categories of Allocation
  5. Abbreviations
  6. Table of Allocations
    • Allocations according to the Radio Regulations
    • Allocations in the Slovak Republic
    • Type of Service (civil / military)
    • Applications in the Slovak Republic
    • Short comments (Utilisation for particular radio communication equipment & services)

The National Table is updated annually. The Government sets the text of NTFA by its Resolutions and issues it as an Annex to Government Regulation no. 420/2012 Coll.

The current version NTFA 2016 was enacted by the Government Resolution no. 652/2015.

NTFS 2016, which came into force from 1st January 2016, is available